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Now serving Washburn Island Oysters & Great While Oysters from Cape Cod Oyster Company - Call us today to place your order!graphics/00000001/CapeCodOyster.png

Live Lobster & Fresh Seafood: Domestic, Overnight, and Local Delivery

The Lobster Trap Company strives to provide superior quality and affordability of its lobsters. We never sacrifice consistency or dependable service as we deliver large quantities nationwide.

We work to meet the individual needs of our customers, whether you operate a single location or any multitude. We're EDI-capable and members of several online partnership portals such as Foodlink, iTrade, and Transcepta. Transporting by air and by ground, our Lobster Trap trucks make deliveries daily across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Maine and New Hampshire.

With our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, combined with UPS Express and other freight carriers, the Lobster Trap supplies wholesalers, fish markets, supermarkets, restaurants, caterers, and brokers with only the highest quality live Maine lobster and fresh seafood.

To inquire about deliveries to MA, ME, NH, RI, CT, and NY:

To inquire about domestic wholesale information: please contact Aimee Burke at

To inquire about international information: please contact Alex Puig at

Our live lobsters are shipped overnight via UPS in insulated slotted boxes. They’re packaged with gel ice packs and seawater-soaked paper to keep them cool and moist for travel. We have an entire department dedicated to processing and monitoring UPS shipments to ensure successful delivery of fresh product. To reach our UPS shipping department, please contact Nicole at Ext. 216 or email

If you are interested in placing a wholesale order, please begin by filling out a credit application and contact our sales rep at Ext. 226 or email

A few notes on receiving live lobster:

  • After a long day of travel, some lobsters may be lethargic. Don't mistake this for dead. Allow the lobsters some time in the tank to catch their breath.
  • Make sure to keep a good inventory in your tank. Should your tank become empty or down to just a few lobsters, you must only add a few new ones at a time or you will disrupt the tank balance.

Please visit our resources page for more information on lobster tanks and maintenance.