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Retail Policies

Logistic Policy


Once your order has left Lobster Trap headquarters it officially becomes the customer's obligation to receive the package on the delivery date. Should the customer not be available to receive the package, it is not at the fault of the Lobster Trap as a refund or reshipment can be refused. Should the package be sent as a gift, the person who placed the order should inform the receiving person of our terms. In the event that your package is delivered and something happens after it is left at the address, Lobster Trap does not assume responsibility for the package.

There is more information about delivery alternatives under the "Signature Requirements" section.


On all major holidays, please allow an additional 2-hour buffer for package deliveries due to volume. 10 pm is what UPS considers the end of day services. Packages delivered after that time on the scheduled delivery date would qualify for a travel coverage as a late delivery.


As stated above, once a package leaves Lobster Trap headquarters, delivery is in the hands of UPS. Any errors or issues that occur in transit are not Lobster Traps responsibility. Our travel coverage protects you against delays at the fault of UPS (sorting errors, flight mechanical issues, damaged package, etc.) Travel coverage is set as default on the checkout page as customers need to opt out to not pay for this coverage.

If Travel Coverage is removed from the checkout page, a refund or reshipment will not be available to the customer for shipper related events. Delays from natural causes, such as weather are not the fault of the Lobster Trap nor UPS. That said, a refund amount will be based on product livelihood at the discretion of the Lobster Trap.

State Regulations

We currently deliver to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, which are subject to special delivery fees and conditions.

Special conditions include:

  • Surcharge: An additional fee applies for orders shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. Saturday fees still apply.
  • UPS Delivery services may be limited by location. Please call us directly with your shipping address so we can investigate accommodations needed.
  • Hawaii requires specific permits for live lobster purchased online. Please review state regulations for importing live seafood.
  • The customer assumes responsibility for any risk or complications associated. Click here to learn more about the requirements needed.
  • Free Shipping and/or other shipping specials are excluded for deliveries to both states

Please call Lobster Trap for assistance when placing your order.

Signature Requirements

All shipments that are delivered to a business require a signature.

All other shipments are sent no signature required and will be left at the shipping address provided. This ensures that our shipments are received within a timely manner due to the perishable nature of our products. If the recipient of a package refuses or denies delivery for any reason, this forfeits any refund that may be available.

In order to require a signature, you will need to call the Lobster Trap (888.353.9898) prior to the ship date. If you'd like a required signature, please confirm the receiver will be at this address on the day of delivery.

If you are not comfortable leaving this at the doorstep, we have delivery options to give you peace of mind:

  • First, if you don't already, you will need to set-up a UPS My Choice account.
    • Benefit: Receive up to date delivery alerts and can track multiple package statuses in a calendar view.
  • Then, you will be able to participate in UPS Access Point.
    • Benefit: This allows the customer to pick up their package where and when it's most convenient for you. Customers will be able to view delivery locations and redirect the package to a preferred location if you know you will not be home at the time of delivery. For example, this could be a Walgreens in New York City.

Cancel or Modify Orders

Please contact Lobster Trap directly through phone or email to adjust your order details prior to shipment. Should you adjust the delivery date from a weekday to a Saturday, be aware you will need to cover the $8 dollar Saturday fee. *To note, during all major holidays, cancellations and order adjustments will not be accepted on the shipment date.

Undeliverable Address

We encourage our customers to visit UPS to confirm the delivery address is accepted by UPS on the day of delivery. This is highly encouraged for Saturday deliveries in particular since UPS routes are slightly reduced.

Please populate the "ship from" and "ship to" information here. Lobster Trap always ships from our headquartered facility: 290 Shore Road Bourne, MA 02532

Lobster Trap will operate under the assumption you have checked shipping address. That said, we will ship your package to the address you've submitted. Should the address you provide not be deliverable or is an inaccurate address, you will not qualify for a refund or reshipment. This applies to both residential as well as nonresidential addresses.

General Information

  • Shipping to a closed business will also annul the customer from any refund
  • No deliveries will be made to a Post Office Box
  • Although UPS participates in Saturday deliveries, it is not guaranteed they are available to deliver to your desired shipping address. That said, it is the customer's responsibility to contact the Lobster Trap prior to placing your order to ensure Saturday delivery is an option. There is an $8 fee for Saturday deliveries.
  • Customers can expect to receive their UPS tracking number one day prior to delivery (the ship date). You will be able to track all UPS check-points and status updates.
  • To note, no one will be available on Saturday to answer your email or phone call. Should you contact us during this time, we will respond as early as possible Monday morning.

Guarantee Policy

Live Lobster Mortality

One of the key differentiators at the Lobster Trap is our quality. With our state of the art fresh ocean 100,000 lb. holding tank, we are able to keep all product as fresh as possible up until the product is ready to be shipped. Live lobsters are shipped the evening prior to the delivery date so they are out of water for less than 24 hours. That said, we guarantee our lobsters will arrive alive on the delivery date you selected. Upon delivery, you will receive cooking instructions with your order. We highly recommend you cook the lobster shortly after arrival for optimal results. Use this as a tool to help you understand what to expect and how to properly cook your live lobster. In these instructions, you will read, the lobster will appear sluggish or lethargic because it has been out of water traveling.

Damaged Package

If you receive an externally damaged package please email, Lobster Trap at with photos on the day it was delivered. We ask that you do not discard this package as a further investigation is required by our shipping carrier, UPS. Refund eligibility will be subject to an investigation done by UPS and Lobster Trap.

Frozen Products

Often times, our fresh and frozen products are shipped together which can explain a partially thawed frozen item. If you've received a frozen product which has partially thawed while traveling, you can continue to let the product defrost for immediate use or put back in the freezer for storage. Frozen seafood which has not exceeded an internal temperature of 40 Degrees Fahrenheit and remains cool to the touch externally can be refrozen without issue, according to the FDA.

Payment Policy

All payments are collected once the order is placed, prior to the delivery date. All orders are eligible for refunds prior to the ship date. More details are listed under our "Recovery Policy". All order details communicated over the phone, which include your personal and payment information, are securely encrypted and discarded for the customer's protection.