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About Our Lobsters

The Lobster Trap is headquartered on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with additional facilities in Machiasport and Steuben, Maine. We are a proud member of the Maine Lobster Institute, National Fisheries Institute and a supporter of the U.S. Coast Guard Fisheries Training Center.

Lobster Map

We began as a retail fish shanty selling sea scallops, swordfish, and lobsters. Our facilities include 3 tidal pounds, one in Machiasport, and two in Steuben for a total of 225,000 pounds. Our high-volume operation has allowed us to achieve an international reach.

The Lobster Trap is not only HACCP-approved and federally inspected, but also a TSA-approved certified cargo screening facility. With these certifications, we're able to ship products across the globe safely and in a timely manner.

Fast Moving Inventory Guarantees Fresh Lobster

As fishing seasons and weather permit, lobster comes in from both the length of New England's coastline and Canadian waters. Lobster Trap operates numerous storage facilities throughout Canada, providing holding capacities in excess of 1.5-2 million pounds annually, making orders of any size possible..

Our History

Logan Clarke founded The Lobster Trap in 1972 after graduating college. He originally planned to become a teacher before finding his passion elsewhere. He began selling fish as well as buoys, traps, and other supplies on a seasonal basis. Eventually, The Lobster Trap started selling its products wholesale. Logan would work seven days a week, making trips to New Bedford to buy fish and driving to Maine one night per week for lobsters. As a testament to his dedication, Logan would even work one 24-hour day each week!

Angelos, owner of famous New England chains like Shaw’s and Stop & Shop, was The Lobster Trap’s first customer. A few years later, we received an exciting opportunity to sell our products in Europe. Shipping lobsters by plane initially proved challenging, but over time we developed leak-proof packaging. Our insulated boxes quickly made shipping fresh products simple, easy, and clean.

Over the years, we’ve continued building relationships to grow the company in new markets, including China. Today, The Lobster Trap ships wholesale orders all over the globe.

Tidal Pounds:

Our facilities consist of 3 tidal pounds, one in Machiasport, and two in Steuben for a total of 225,000 pounds.

Collaborations & Partnerships:

  • Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association
  • U.S. Regional Fisheries
  • Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association
  • Maine Lobster Marketing Association
  • Canadian Lobster Fishery Conservation Code of Conduct
  • U.S. Lobster Fishery Conservation Code of Conduct

About State Lobster Regulations

Due to state-level minimum lobster weight regulations, we are not permitted to ship one-pound lobsters to CT, DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, RI and VA.

Due to state laws in Maine and New Hampshire, 14oz+ lobster tails are not permitted to be shipped directly to customers.

About Our Use of the Term ‘Maine Lobster’

“Maine lobster” is the industry term for the North Atlantic Lobster (Homarus americanus) and used as a way to distinguish between the spiny lobster and other lobster species found in warmer waters throughout the world.

Lobsters caught by Canadian suppliers are the exact same as caught by Maine lobstermen. This is especially true as lobster populations continue to shift north and east due to warming waters in the Gulf of Maine, meaning that lobster populations historically caught in Maine waters are migrating into Canadian waters.

Our priority is to our Maine-based fishing partners and suppliers. In rare cases, we supplement our supply of North Atlantic Lobster (Homarus americanus) with supplies from our Canadian partners during certain times of the year when fishing in Maine is limited.

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