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Maine Lobster Menu


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one-poun-lobster-140.jpg One Pound Live Maine Lobster
$18.25 One Pound Live Maine Lobster
Average rating:

Our tanks are full of sweet, hard shell Chix Lobsters and so we put together some special pricing to make it easy for you to buy lobster online. Each one of these easy to eat, tender sweet lobsters will weigh about 1.1 lbs. Here's a suggestion: this time of year they are great right off the grill! Don't forget the Steamers.
Maine lobster on white dinner plate One and 1/4 Pound Maine Lobster
$20.00 One and 1/4 Pound Maine Lobster
Average rating:

Live Maine Lobsters (1.2 lb. to 1.25 lbs. each). Don't forget to order plenty of bib sets. Please visit our recipes page for some really great prepartion ideas. For larger events, check out our Party Pack Specials.
Maine lobster on white dinner plate Select Grade One & 1/2 Pound Live Lobster
$25.00 Select Grade One & 1/2 Pound Live Lobster
Average rating:

Save 10% with Coupon
Fresh From Ocean
Hard Shell Lobster
Select Grade

Live Maine Lobsters (1.5 lbs. each). Our most popular size. Real American comfort food. These select grade, hard-shell lobsters are perfect for steaming, boiling, grilling and baking. Enjoy the sweet, succulent flavor of real Maine lobster, fresh from the ocean. We sell only first quality! Order lobster online today and have it delivered tomorrow. Enter Coupon Code LaborDay2015  on checkout page. Offer Expires Monday, Sept. 7, 2015.

Maine lobster on white dinner plate Two Pound Live Maine Lobster
$37.00 Two Pound Live Maine Lobster
Average rating:

Now Save 10% with Coupon
Enter Code Aug2015 at Checkout

When you have to have more, try these select grade live Maine hard shell lobsters 2.0 lbs each. You can never have too much off a good thing. Very popular size and the perfect size for making baked stuffed lobster! Save 10% with coupon. Enter code Aug2015 at check out. Offer Expires August 31, 2015.

Maine lobster on white dinner plate Wow! Two and 1/2 Pound Live Lobster
$43.00 Wow! Two and 1/2 Pound Live Lobster
Average rating:

Live Select Grade Maine Lobster (2.1 lbs. to 2.5 lbs. each.) The tail alone can offer more than a pound of fresh lobster meat. Imagine how these big Maine lobsters will look when you open our special insulated carton and see them live and kicking. Buy these lobster today and have them delivered tomorrow.
Maine lobster on white dinner plate Jumbo Three Pound Live Lobster
$55.00 Jumbo Three Pound Live Lobster
Average rating:

Live Jumbo Maine Lobsters (2.8 lbs. to 3.0 lbs. each). What an impression this guy will make. Easy cooking and great presentation. Send one or two of these hard shell lobsters to a customer or treat yourself! Buy jumbo lobster online today.
As Seen in Oprah Magazine-200.jpg Oprah's DeLuxe Lobster Dinner for Four
$145.99 Oprah's DeLuxe Lobster Dinner for Four
Average rating:

As Seen in Oprah Magazine
Includes Cook Pot
Four Bib Kits & Steel Crackers

Our lobster are carefully packed in specially insulated containers and shipped fresh direct from our ocean front docks. Each Deluxe dinner package includes four fresh, live Maine lobsters, 1 pound each, a 16 quart enameled-steel cook pot and four handy bib/cracker kits. Enter Coupon Code Oprah on check out page and save 20%.
buy-lobster-plate-250.jpg Lobsters Online Eight-Lobster Party Special
Includes Cracker Kits

Turn your rockin' party event into a lobster feast with eight live Maine lobsters (1.25 lbs each). Special comes with eight cracker kits (including steel lobster cracker, fork, lobster bib, lobster placemat, wet towelette, and a napkin). Buy lobster for home delivery. Shipping not included.

deluxePac.jpg Deluxe Lobster Accessory Pack
Best for Large Lobster

This pack includes one steel lobster cracker, one steel fork, one lobster bib, one lobster placemat (with handy eating instructions), one wet towelette, and a napkin all neatly sealed in a plastic bag. The steel cracker is ideal for the larger sized lobsters. To order more than one deluxe lobster accessory pack, just increase the quantity on the order page.
buy-lobster-plate-140.jpg Five Pounds Live Lobster (Four 1.25 lbs)
Summer Barbecue Special
Five Pounds of Lobster!

Order Four Live Maine Lobsters (1.25 lbs. each) for any occasion. Real American comfort food. These select grade lobsters are more popular than ever. And we sell only the best quality.

Direct From the Sea

Buy Live Lobster in Maine: For nearly 40 years, the Lobster Trap Company has been delighting customers from Boston and Cape Cod to as far away as Hawaii with its quality seafood. Lobsters-Online.Com has served the seafood buying online community since 1997. With facilities located in Northern Maine and on pristine Cape Cod, the Lobster Trap Company continues to offer its online customers the highest quality and lowest price found anywhere. Order today by 2:30 p.m. EST, and enjoy tomorrow. For ideas on how to cook your lobster, check out our recipes page.

Sun rise as red lobster fisherman hauls in a lobster trap off Beautiful Cape Cod

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