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The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Seafood Party

At the Lobster Trap and Lobsters Online, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a delicious seafood party celebrating the bounty of the New England coast. Whether it’s a lobster bake, oyster raw bar, sushi night, fish taco night or any other type of seafood dinner party, we tend to go all-out by sourcing the best quality seafood available, choosing our favorite recipes and appetizers, and nailing the presentation to wow our guests.

After talking with the team about how to best share our favorite seafood parties with our customers, we’ve decided to build this comprehensive Seafood Party Guide to help you plan, source, cook and entertain your guests the next time you decide to enjoy lobsters, oysters, fish and other seafood with your friends.

Summertime lobster bakes on the beach are a rite of passage in New England.

Why You Should Serve Seafood at Your Next Party

Seafood isn’t part of many traditional party menus. So why should you treat yourself and your guests to authentic Maine lobster rolls instead of cheeseburgers? There are many reasons that seafood is the best choice for your party.

If you or your loved ones have moved from New England elsewhere, you’re probably missing out on your favorite seafood. At Lobsters Online, we ship fresh seafood straight off the coast to your doorstep overnight. You don’t have to miss out on delicious creatures of the blue just because you’ve moved inland.

You can give your guests a taste of home again by ordering seafood in bulk. And seafood can put a new and interesting twist on typical party dishes. Everyone has had burgers, hot dogs, and brats at parties before — this time, switch it up with Maine lobster bisque instead.

Seafood can be healthier for you than other party foods. Ingredients like shrimp and scallop contain fewer calories and unhealthy fats than red meat. Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for brain and heart health. If you and your guests are health-conscious, a seafood party is the way to go.

So now that you know why seafood parties are superior, you might be wondering how to throw one. What exactly do you serve at a seafood party? We have compiled a list of the perfect ingredients for your authentic seafood party.

What to Serve

There are plenty of tasty options to serve at your seafood party for the seafood lovers in your life. We are here to help you create a diverse menu with delicious recipes for your guests to enjoy. Our fresh Maine lobster meat and other seafood options will make for tasty party dishes and leave a good impression on your guests.

Next time you're throwing a party, consider a fancy lobster dinner to wow your guests.


Lobster is a delicacy for many seafood lovers around the world. You can add Maine lobster meat to both hot and cold dishes to satisfy your hungry guests.

There are numerous options for adding lobster to other dishes as well. For example, you can use lobster meat in salads, soups, and sandwiches. Put your leftovers to good use with our authentic lobster meat.

Maine lobster tails are also popular among lobster lovers. Many people like to eat lobster tails roasted with buttery garlic aioli or a similar fatty dipping sauce. The fat content of the sauce balances the sweet flavor of lobster.

You can find Maine lobster roll recipes to serve for your appetizer or as a decadent main dish. Lobster rolls can win over even the pickiest eaters with their savory ingredients. We recommend following our Traditional Maine Lobster Roll recipe for the most authentic Maine lobster-tasting experience.


For those who enjoy the salty taste of Cape Cod oysters, you can make them a quick-bite appetizer.

Many upscale seafood restaurants will serve oysters before the main dish to prime their guests’ appetites. You can do the same at your next dinner party by ordering a dozen or two fresh Cape Cod oysters.

If you don’t have time to pre-shuck, include oyster knives to make the eating experience more convenient for your guests. You want to make sure they can get the meat of the oyster out successfully. Most people like to gulp down the entire oyster in one bite, making this option perfect for a starter snack.

Shucking your own oysters is a great way to provide a memorable meal for your guests. Here's a list of our favorite favorite oyster appetizers.


Tuna is packed full of protein and can be used in almost any recipe. Many people include tuna in salads, dips, and roll-ups for appetizers and main courses alike.

Our Ahi Tuna Steaks are perfect for traditional red meat lovers and picky eaters. Tuna steaks would be a great option for your main course at your seafood party. You can cook them according to your guests’ preferences and keep everyone full for the rest of the day.


Other fish fit well with these seafood party options. We offer cod, haddock, salmon, and swordfish for your party needs. These fish each have unique flavor profiles and can be used as main dishes. Salmon is full of beneficial nutrients that promote brain health and heart health. Plus, it’s just plain tasty!

Add lemon to your fish dishes to balance the taste of the ocean with citrusy flavors. Your guests will enjoy the savory goodness of our authentic fish shipped fresh from New England. Check out fish recipes for inspiration on how to prepare and arrange your main courses so that your guests will leave happy and full.

Seafood Party Themes

Themes always make parties more fun. They allow you to focus on specific foods that you and your guests enjoy. Need some inspiration for your seafood party theme? Here are some ideas.

BBQ Seafood

It’s time to move beyond burgers and brats — step up your BBQ game with grilled seafood. Maine lobster tails are the perfect barbecue seafood dish because they absorb any flavors you add to them. Grilled lobster tails are a favorite healthy dish among seafood lovers and barbecue enthusiasts alike.

If you want to incorporate traditional barbecue foods like red meat and store-bought snacks, consider throwing a BBQ seafood party. This gives your non-seafood-loving guests options as well. You may even introduce some of them to the deliciousness of authentic New England seafood!

Fancy Fish Dinner

Many fancy restaurants are themed around seafood. You can host your own fancy fish dinner at home using our fresh dinner packages.

With options for two, four, and six guests, you are sure to please your loved ones with an upscale fish dining experience. Your guests will feel like they are eating somewhere expensive while spending quality time with you in your own home. What’s not to love about fancy fish dinners?

Sushi Night

Sushi night is perfect for a girls’ night in or a casual Friday dinner. Many of our fresh seafood options will taste great in sushi dishes. Add some fun to the experience by making a sushi bar where your guests can add their favorite ingredients.

Along with seasoned rice and raw or cooked fish, other popular sushi ingredients include avocado and cucumber. Set up a do-it-yourself sushi buffet and go to town!

Rolling your own sushi is a great way to enjoy tuna, salmon and other popular fish fillets. Learn how to throw your own sushi night in our how-to article.

Fish Fry

Do you love fried fish? Fish fry events are popular in southern states, but they can happen anywhere. Fry our delicious fresh fish and serve it with chips (the British kind) to create the best fish fry experience for your guests.

This is an easy seafood party to throw; all you need is the fish, the fryer, and the sides. Fried fish is a wonderful savory dish that reminds many people of their childhoods.

Lobster and Fish Taco Night

Everyone loves tacos, right? Mix up your Taco Tuesday with delicious seafood ingredients that are sure to leave your guests wanting more. Lobster and fish tacos are savory, delectable, and customizable for each guest’s preferences.

You can set out ingredients like chipotle ranch, broccoli coleslaw, and corn so your guests can make their perfect seafood tacos. Everyone will be happy on seafood taco night!

Lobsters Online: Fresh Authentic Seafood Delivery

Need your seafood overnight? No problem! We deliver fresh seafood caught straight off the coast of New England with overnight shipping options. We believe in authenticity and bringing the delectable flavors of the coast to you no matter where you are. Spend quality time with your loved ones by hosting a fun seafood party this summer.

If you have any questions about Lobster Online or our shipping process, contact us on our website. We can’t wait to help you throw the best seafood party in town!