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Our Top Picks for Oyster Beverage Pairings

The unique flavor profile of fresh oysters reflects the area in which they were grown, leading to a wide variety of tastes. With this in mind, seafood fanatics are starting to pay closer attention to oyster beverage pairings. We surveyed the Lobsters Online staff for their favorite pairings and here's what we found.

Oyster Beverage Pairing Champagne


A classic to pair with seafood, champagne is a great choice that tastes especially delicious with oysters. Champagnes typically have a yeasty, bready flavor that add some depth to the pairing. The bubbles of champagne or a dry sparkling wine also provide a textural contrast against the smooth texture of oysters.


If there’s any one classic pairing for oysters, it’s the always-bright, always-crisp muscadet. There are plenty of green fruit notes in a muscadet, such as lime, apples, pears, and even lemons. With this tasty wine, you won’t even need lemons with your oysters. White wines high in acidity and minerality generally pair well with high salinity Atlantic oysters like our Channel Rock Oysters.

Oyster Beverage Pairing Guiness


It’s mainly a color and texture thing. Black on white (or rather, cream). Smooth layered on smooth -- and the saltiness of the oysters counteracts the bitterness of the beer. If you like stouts, this match is sublime.

Oyster Beverage Pairing Gin


A gin martini or classic gin & tonic go down very nicely with a plate of delectable oysters. Hendricks is a great choice as the subtle cucumber notes complement the oysters well.


For those who prefer not to drink alcohol or are the designated drivers for the day or night, we didn’t forget about you. Citrusy drinks like strawberry lemonade or an Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade) complement well. Just remember, try to avoid too much sweetness as it can overpower the taste of the oyster.

Looking for fresh Atlantic oysters to try out your own pairings? We ship 12-count bags of oysters from Channel Rock Oyster Co. in Barnstable Harbor. Check out the link here to purchase.