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Our History

Logan is our founder who's still coming into work each day. He began the Lobster Trap over 50 years ago after he graduated from college. His original plan was to become a teacher but realized he wasn't interested in that. Shortly after, he began selling fish as well as booies, traps and other supplies which became very seasonal. Eventually, the Lobster Trap started selling wholesale. Logan would work seven days a week which included running the business, making trips to New Bedford to buy fish, driving to Maine one night per week to buy lobsters. 1 day a week he would work one 24 hour day! Angelos was their first customer which owns the most famous New England chains like, Shaws and Stop & Shop.

A few years later, there was a great opportunity to ship to Europe. Initially, it was a challenge to ship the product in the belly of the planes but overtime we incorporated leak-proof packages. Our insulated boxes quickly made shipping product simple, easy and clean. Over the years as we continued building relationships; we had an opportunity to ship to China and the rest is history.

Today, the Lobster Trap ships wholesale orders all over the world. Additionally, we have a retail business which ships anywhere in the country with next day delivery.