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Currently we ship to all 50 states Tuesday through Saturday*. (Including Alaska and Hawaii,
but not Puerto Rico)

*Special fee applies to Saturday deliveries



large-maine-lobster-160.jpg Monster Six Pound Live Lobster
$80.00 Monster Six Pound Live Lobster
Average rating:

*Makes a great gift!
Monster six pound lobsters (5.6 lbs. to 6.0 lbs. each) and larger from New England or Canada (Call 888-353-9898 to special order larger lobster). These six-pound monsters will make a great table centerpiece and can normally feed three people. But if you are like us here at Lobsters-Online, you will want one all for yourself. Go ahead and order one or two six-pound lobsters for delivery right to your front door. You deserve it.
jumbo_lobster_plate_140.jpg Colossal Five Pound Live Lobster
$77.00 Colossal Five Pound Live Lobster
Average rating:

*Hard to find but we've got em!
A colossal five-pound lobster (4.80 lbs. to 5.0 lbs. each) will be a thrill to get or give. The lobster makes an extraordinary presentation and is great eating. Only Lobsters-Online.com can offer you colossal lobster. Order today and enjoy the sweet flavor of lobster tomorrow. What fun!
jumbo-maine-lobster-tails-140.jpg Jumbo Maine Lobster Tails
$79.00 $65.00 On Sale!
Two 12-14 oz Lobster Tails

When you need more of a good thing, just order these extra large, jumbo Maine lobster tails. Made from ocean fresh, select grade Maine lobster, these 12-14 oz.tails are fantastically delicious. Broiled, grilled or baked they will be sweet and succulent. Shipped previously frozen they will arrive ready to cook and serve.

Cooked Maine Lobster claws and legs Lobster Trap Cooked Claw & Knuckle Lobster Meat (2 lbs)
$74.00 Lobster Trap Cooked Claw & Knuckle Lobster Meat (2 lbs)
Average rating:

Order in two pound increments- lobsters are cooked, shelled, then frozen! Include our claw and knuckle lobster meat in any recipe that calls for delicious northern Atlantic lobster.
Twinlobster.jpg Twin Lobster Plate

Twin Two Pound Lobsters

When one lobster isnít enough, enjoy our twin lobster special now on sale. Features two fresh, two pound lobsters ready to steam and enjoy just as if you were back on Cape Cod in August. Order today and feast tomorrow.
classic-lobster-chowder-plate Lobsters Online Classic Combo for Two
$47.00 Lobsters Online Classic Combo for Two
Average rating:

A customer favorite for years. Order today and enjoy two, select grade lobsters, fresh from the sea, and a tub of the Lobster Trap Restaurant creamy New-England style chowder made only with freshly dug clams.
  • (2) 1.25 lb Lobsters
  • (1) Clam Chowder 18oz

scallops-bacon-140.jpg Scallops Wrapped in Bacon (25)
We've done the hard part... so just cook, serve and enjoy. A perfect compliment to any dinner. Delicious. 25 in each order.
buy-lobster-plate-250.jpg Lobsters Online Eight-Lobster Party Special
Includes Cracker Kits
Turn your rockin' party event into a lobster feast with eight live Maine lobsters (1.25 lbs each). Special comes with eight cracker kits (including steel lobster cracker, fork, lobster bib, lobster placemat, wet towelette, and a napkin). Buy lobster for home delivery. Shipping not included.

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