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Baked Stuffed Lobster Dinner

Two Pound (test)

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Order Six Lobsters and Save!
When you have to have more, try these select grade live Maine hard shell lobsters 2.0 lbs each. You can never have too much off a good thing. Very popular size and the perfect size for making baked stuffed lobster!
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The two pound live Maine lobster is a great value, easy to cook and tastes great. You can boil the lobster, steam it or even cook it on the grill. But the two pound lobster is also popular for broiling and stuffing.

To stuff and broil or bake a lobster, you begin by par boiling lobster for six minutes. With a large knife you cut an opening from the head to the tail. Fill each lobster's body cavity with your stuffing mixture. Place the lobster on broiler pan and place the pan in the top oven rack.

Lobsters Online is a certified live lobster dealer that ships Maine lobster overnight to your door. All our lobster are select graded for the very best shipping quality. Lobsters Online offers the unbeatable guarantee that your lobster will be the correct size and arrive alive. Operated by the Lobster Trap Co., Lobsters Online features ocean water storage to ensure a fresh, fast moving supply of Maine lobster year round.
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