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Thanksgiving Lobster Clambake History

history of lobster clambake in New England

The New England Lobster Clambake is a tradition older than America itself. According to historical lore, the pilgrims first learned about the lobster from Native Americans. The pilgrims watched Native Americans gather lobster, clams, mussels and fish and prepare them on the beach.

The Native Americans dug a sand pit and lined it with hot rocks and coals. They added the lobster and clams to the pit and covered them in fresh, wet seaweed and more hot rocks, steaming the lobster and shellfish in seawater.

Nowadays, the clambake is a popular New England sunset dinner.Many clambake festivals are held in shoreline communities every summer. The clambake is a way of life for folks celebrating holidays and family reunions. There is nothing more fun than preparing and serving an old fashioned lobster clambake for family and friends. While this centuries old tradition is more popular than ever, you no longer have to go to Cape Cod or Maine to enjoy it. Order any of our healthy seafood combinations today by 2:30 p.m. EST and enjoy tomorrow. And if you don't have a sand pit, don't worry. Just follow our boiled or steamed lobster cooking directions. Don't forget to add our award winning clam chowder to make your clambake complete.

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