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Apple Pie from Centerville Pie Co.
    Apple Pie from Centerville Pie Co.
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    • Apple Pie from Centerville Pie Co.

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      A traditional blend of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg coat the apples, piled high in our signature crust! Centerville Pie Co. uses a variety of apples, choosing only those that are the most crisp at different times of the year. Nothing beats enjoying warm apple pie with family and friends.

      About Centerville Pie Co.

      The Centerville Pie Company is a Massachusetts-based pie company located on Cape Cod. Founded in 2009 by long-time friends Laurie Bowen and Kristin Broadley (“The Pie Ladies”), the local pie shop was thrust into the national spotlight shortly after they opened their doors when they were discovered by Oprah Winfrey. After taking one bite of their signature scratch-made chicken pie, Oprah was raving, naming it one of her favorite things.


      This package serves 6-8 people and includes one apple pie.
      • Each pie measures 9"
      • Pies are unbaked and shipped frozen, may dissipate during transit.
      • Upon arrival, place pie in the freezer until ready to enjoy.

      Baking Instructions

      • Preheat oven to 425°F.
      • Remove plastic wrap and place pie on a cookie sheet.
      • Brush pie with egg wash and sprinkle with sugar prior to baking.
      • Bake pie for 15 minutes.
      • Decrease oven temperature to 350°F and bake for another 60 minutes or until golden brown.
      • Remove from oven and allow pie to cool.
      • Slice and enjoy!