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one pound Maine lobster on a plate

1 lb. Live Maine Lobster (test)

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Our tanks are full of sweet, hard shell Chix Lobsters and so we put together some special pricing to make it easy for you to buy lobster online. Each one of these easy to eat, tender sweet lobsters will weigh about 1.1 lbs. Here's a suggestion: this time of year they are great right off the grill! Don't forget the Steamers.
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One pound Fresh Maine hard-shell Lobster are ocean fresh from Maine and shipped live packed with seaweed (when available)and ice packs in a specially designed cooler and carton to ensure freshness.

Called Chix, these lobsters usually weigh between 1.0 and 1.19 pounds. The lobster meat is sweet and tender and once cooked can be used to complement many dishes including bisque or salads.

Steaming or boiling lobster, which is best?
Lobsters Online is a certified live lobster dealer that ships Maine lobster overnight to your door. All our lobster are select graded for the very best shipping quality. Lobsters Online offers the unbeatable guarantee that your lobster will be the correct size and arrive alive. Operated by the Lobster Trap Co., Lobsters Online features ocean water storage to ensure a fresh, fast moving supply of Maine lobster year round.
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